This Week in Retirement…a Micro Trip & a Win

Our retirement plans included a variety of travel, but less than a year after I retired, COVID hit. And we all know how that went. Like most people, we are finally feeling comfortable to travel again. When Mr. U and I were planning our retirement and how we wanted to travel, we found it helpful to think about trips in three categories:

  • Micro Trips: Short 1-2 day trips that are close to home. These are typically quick getaways to a fun place for a night or two or taking our camper to one of the many nearby campgrounds. These are inexpensive trips that we fit in whenever the urge strikes. No limits.
  • Mini Trips: These trips are 3-7 days and are a further drive or require flying. Our goal is to do at least two of these a year.
  • Macro Trips: These are the big hairy trips that are more than a week and require a long distance to travel. For us, that would be the East Coast or out of the country. We hope to do one or two of these a year.
Micro trip west through the Cascade Mountains.

This week I had an appointment in Seattle. Instead of making it a utilitarian, ho-hum trip and staying at a Comfort Inn, we decided to make it a little “micro” trip. We splurged on a room with a lovely view of Lake Washington. The hotel is located at Carillon Point, which was once a busy hub for ship building and is now a marina. That evening we watched a moody sunset as we enjoyed seeing the city lights come on across the bay. In the morning we walked across the courtyard to the Carillon Kitchen for a light breakfast made with fresh, local ingredients. Travel, even micro trips, gives me a fresh view of life again.

March Madness Update

The Gonzaga Bulldogs have made it to the “Elite 8!” Despite all of the upsets, my bracket is holding strong. Or maybe that is because of all of the upsets. Either way, I have a shot at winning the family bracket. It is about time my children gave me money! You can guess where I will be tonight at 6:00. Go Zags!

Some of my sibs & their spouses celebrating with us after a win. We are sporting our temporary Zag tattoos. Picture is a little blurry, but it was hard to get this crazy group to sit still. Gotta make life fun along the way.

6 comments on “This Week in Retirement…a Micro Trip & a Win

  1. Micro trips really do brighten your mood. I just booked a one night stay at an Embassy Suites about 2 hours from us. We plan on going to the Tulsa Botanical Gardens and view the daffodils and tulips. Then we plan on dining at one of our favorite pizza places and shopping at a few places. Just one night away should reinvigorate us a little.

    1. Hello –
      That sounds like a wonderful micro trip! Seeing daffodils and tulips is a wonderful reminder that Spring really is coming. Enjoy!

  2. I like your definition of micro, mini, and macro trips. While we do a macro-type trip once or twice a year, for some reason, we have stopped the short, spur-of-the-moment breaks from routine. One of the problems is we watch our daughter’s dog when she is out of town on business, which is quite often.

    But, in reading this post and thinking more about it, that may just be an excuse. All sorts of places we enjoy are no more than a four-hour drive. Thanks for the reminder that there are all sorts of sights and experiences not far from home.

    1. Hi Bob –

      It is funny, but micro-trips are the first ones that drop off our radar as well. And we don’t even have a dog for an “excuse.” You live in such a beautiful area; I will bet you have tons of micro-trips…the red rocks of Sedona come to mind. Here is to more micro-tripping!

    1. Hi Kara –
      Thanks so much. It definitely is fun. Micro-trips are such a great get away without the hassle and time of a longer trip. I love all of the travel options.

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