Talk Less Tuesday

I can’t do a wordless Wednesday, because, well… it is Tuesday. So, Talk Less Tuesday it is.

All of our immediate family is in town this week to celebrate a late Christmas get together. We have been busy playing so I am not writing a regular post this week. But here are a few pictures from our late Christmas gathering. (The lighting isn’t great but no one seems to want me to take the time to get that just right. Go figure.)

Our late Christmas celebration. Note the guy’s facial hair.

When you have four sons, life can get a little dicey. They are always complaining suggesting that I take too many pictures, of which I kindly remind them that they will be glad later. In an effort to curtail my picture taking last Christmas, they all agreed to shave their facial hair in odd (a.k.a. ugly) shapes. We laughed until tears streamed down our faces when we saw them and then, of course I had to pull out the camera. Apparently, it has become a tradition because…. guess how they showed up again this year?

Our 4 “boys” with surprise crazy cut facial hair.

However, the joke is on them because this year the women decided to “grow” a little facial hair as well! (Unfortunately, son #3’s wonderful girlfriend was not able to be there that night.)

The girls were not to be outdone with the facial hair this year. Surprise guys!

See you next week!

5 comments on “Talk Less Tuesday

    1. Hi Janie –

      It was a fun time, but all too short. I really like the Christmas pajama idea because they are so comfy.

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